More Yodas

The Yoda prints weren’t coming out right in large part because the printer was making so many short fast moves that it kept getting ahead of the computer and had to stop and wait for more commands, oozing plastic and leaving blobs in the mean time.  The simple solution then, is to slow down the printer.

Slic3r lets you define different speeds for perimeters, fill, and solid layers.  I dopped the perimeter speed down to 25mm/s, and raised the fill speed up to 80mm/s to keep the print time from going up too much.  I also changed the fill pattern to lines, which are simple enough that the printer isn’t trying to change direction a lot at high speed.  I dropped the temperature from 210 to 195.  When the plastic is cooler it resists drooping a lot better.  If it gets too cool however it might not bond as strongly to the lower layers, so there is a balance to be struck.

I also set it to print 4 perimeters so there wouldn’t be gaps between layers at the top of curves, like his shoulders.  I enabled supports as well.

The chin could certainly use support, but I could do without the inside ears and under eyelids.  Here it is with the support cut off.  Some brushing with acetone would turn the white bits back to green.

I ran the print again with the same settings but no support.  There were a couple of dropped loops under the chin and ears, but nothing really critical.

You can see a little bit of rough texture under the cheeks where gravity was pulling down on the threads a bit.  Now that I have 3 different Yodas, I can experiment with some options for finishing them.


2 thoughts on “More Yodas

  1. The prints came out really well! Could you perhaps post some pictures of your settings in Slic3r? I am totally new to 3d printing and don’t understand most of the settings.

  2. Hello Ian! Great work and thanks for sharing! I’m so looking forward to receiving mine, but it will still take a couple of months… In the meantime, I will follow your blog with a lot of interest and jealousy 🙂

    I’m new to 3D printing, so I would like to join a fellow commenter in asking you, if you can, to make a small tutorial on how to start printing… Also how to do the calibration etc…


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