Software Walk Through

Here is a basic walk through of taking a model from download to print, using a design I made on Tinkercad.  I download it, clean it with Netfabb, orient it in Replicator G, slice with Skeinforge and print in Pronterface.

There is a missing step however.  After modifying the reprap.xml in Replicator G, you have to go back and select Solidoodle 2 from the list of Other Printers.  You might also have to quit and restart Replicator G to get the resized platform to show up.  My install of RepG seemed to remember that I had used a Solidoodle profile before and brought it up automatically.

This is a lot of different programs to use, and everything can be simplified using other software like Repetier Host which will orient, slice and print all by itself.  There are some issues that need to be addressed when using that one with the Solidoodle, and I will cover it later.


8 thoughts on “Software Walk Through

  1. Thanks a lot for doing this blog, Ian. As someone who’s new to Solidoodle, and to 3D printing more broadly, it’s great to see a walkthrough from someone who knows what they’re doing.

  2. The software walk through is outstanding…
    I learned more from watching your video than anything else at all the other sites I have been researching. Thank you..

    In Ponterface the text on the right side of the screen said the object would be something like 277mm, isn’t that taller than the solidoodle will print? Are those dimension numbers shown in Ponterface after bringing in the Goode accurate?

    Could you do another video like this one just using the Ponterface and Skeinforge code as described on the solidoodle web page, ‘how to print’ and as you gomthroughnit tell us the differences between that and what you just did in the software video?

    Is it best to follow the solidoodle instructions on their web page or the process you just outlined?

    Another video like this would really help to clarify the process we should be using and the different alternatives..



    • The only difference is that I opened up Skeinforge on it’s own using a shortcut. This is the path to the application-


      Opening up Slicer Settings in Pronterface does the same thing. The difference is that it shows the progress in the Pronterface window rather than a separate terminal window. I’ve found however that once Skeinforge is done and has saved the gcode, it locks up and has to be force quit, and sometimes I have to force quite Pronterface along with it.

  3. If you do not use replicator G to position the part on the platform where does it orient it to?

    If you draw a crude in Sketchup centered around the origin does the part print in the middle of the solidoodle platform, and I’d you draw it odd center does it print off center?


    • If your model is above the platform, Skeinforge will place it onto the platform. If it is off center, Skeinforge won’t try to second guess your XY coordinates. I’ve often started to print something on its side because I forgot to reorient it. Some programs consider Z to be the up axis, and others consider Y to be up, so it is easy to export something that is rotated 90 degrees from where you want it.

  4. Sorry, the automatic correction on the iPad sometimes is a problem. The comment should have been:

    If you draw a cube in Sketchup centered around the origin does the part print in the middle of the solidoodle platform, and I’d you draw it off center does it print off center?

  5. Outstanding effort. Learnt a lot, looks like there is still some room in the 3d software field for further development .. but its looking great.
    1600 away from my solidoodle and being patient.

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