Damp filament

This is what it looks like when filament absorbs too much moisture.  The water steams when the plastic is extruded, leaving bubbles and ragged edges.  I left the spool out overnight, which usually isn’t a problem.  I don’t know if the green happens to be more prone to absorption or not.  I did notice that Solidoodle ships the spools shrink wrapped rather than in bags with desiccant.

I’ve had it in the tub with the dehumidifier rod for several days, and if it is still bubbling, I will try unspooling a couple layers and hope that the filament is drier further in the spool.  If not, I can try drying it in the oven.




6 thoughts on “Damp filament

  1. Thanks for sharing. I been unable to print for months now using sd3. The print always stop less than half way, inital layer is great, but further up, the extrusion gear just skip, and no extrusion at all. Seems like a pressure built up at the extrusion head. Sucks big time.

    Brought jhead mk5, unable to print the new assembly to assemble the jhead as printer not working.

    I will try your recommendation of baking the spool at a oven 90c tonight to get rid of the moisture for over night baking. Hope it helps. Keeping finger cross.


    • Baking does not help. I notice that there is no fumes or hissing/poping sound heard, so conclusion is filament are fine. It must be something else.

  2. Btw, I can print .5mm sq wall perfectly. Calibrated print head, plaform, temp pid, extrusion speed, different printing speed and chsnge different abs material brought from solidoodle. When goes to acutal printing which required multiple layers, it just stuck. Tried to disassemble the head and clean, afterwards printing still fails. What can I say?

    • Hi Guys,

      Finally I was able to print !!!!! Am so glad that it works and it works wonder.
      Guess what, the problem of extrusion jam after printing several layers is due to the Stepper Driver!!! Damm it… finally. I guess the reason is due to pressure buildup within nozzle assembly, after several layers, the pressure had built up and required higher torque of the Extruder motors inorder to extrude. Therefore, I had calibrated the stepper driver for Extruder as below. (I know using Multimeter, but apparently the heatsink is blocking, hopefully future Poloulo has test point or feedback to MCU for voltage measurements)
      1) Pull on the filament, in the direction away from the extruder. Give it a little tug.
      2) Screwdriver on the Potentiometer / Trimpot on the Stepper driver of the Extruder
      3) Press Extrude for 10~20mm (Temperature and all must be set right, ensure no jam at the hot end)
      4) Tune the Trimpot until the maximum force is applied from the Stepper motor.
      Voila, it flows as smooth as silk. Of course, right nozzle temperature is important, even a few degree off is a huge difference.


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