Work Space


Here is a short tour of the work space I have set up for 3D printing-

Here is the link to the hooks I use for holding up the filament reels –

One other thing I forgot to mention which you can see in the video is the pail I have hung near the printer.  I’m always pulling plastic off the nozzle, and bits of failed prints from the bed, and it’s handy to have something close by to throw it in.  The bigger the better because it becomes a pile of plastic spaghetti and spiderwebs that springs back up every time you try to crush it down.

Another print I need to do soon is a filament reel like this one –  Some places like Ultimachine sell filament in 1lb quantities which is great if you want a variety of colors.  However they come as loose coils rather than spools.  If you feed plastic off the coil to the side it will quickly become a twisted tangled mess that can take hours to sort out.  The coil needs to turn to avoid putting twists into the filament.  Running it onto empty spools doesn’t work too well because the filament is set into the diameter of the coil, and resists being wound into the smaller diameter of a spool (PLA is especially bad about that).


One thought on “Work Space

  1. Thanks for the tour of the workspace.. I will be collecting the tools and building a spool holder while waiting for my printer to arrive.. What is the diameter of the center hole in the spool and what is the overall diameter?

    Where do you buy your filament spools from, what are the key things to look for when buying it?



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