Repetier – Update

There is one more change to make for Repetier to work right.  In the firmware, under the Configuration.H tab, look for this setting-


// The position of the homing switches. Use MAX_LENGTH * -0.5 if the center should be 0, 0, 0
#define X_HOME_POS 0
#define Y_HOME_POS 0
#define Z_HOME_POS 0
and change it to:
// The position of the homing switches. Use MAX_LENGTH * -0.5 if the center should be 0, 0, 0
#define X_HOME_POS 158
#define Y_HOME_POS 150
#define Z_HOME_POS 0
Hopefully the firmware on Github will be updated soon, but until then check this setting in your firmware and change it if it hasn’t already been.
Also the Mac version of Repetier does not have the check boxes for “Home is at X max” and “Home is at Y max”.  Because of this, the start code needs to be a little different.  Use this instead-
G92 X158 Y150 Z0 E0

11 thoughts on “Repetier – Update

  1. Ian: Your blog here is amazing. I have you bookmarked and am attempting to understand even though I don’t even have my SD yet (and haven’t downloaded software of any kind yet to start torturing myself while I don’t know how long I’ll be waiting).

    I have two suggestions for you. As you collate your best practices with your preferred software build, if there’s any way you could just create a framing post that somehow says “do this, then this, then this”, referencing the various blog postings, so someone starting into it doesn’t explore blind alleys or things you’ve already obsoleted, that would be awesome.

    The second suggestion is that you really, really need a donate button. I would, in a heartbeat. Help keep you stocked with filament! 😉

  2. Thank you for this blog.

    I am on a Mac, and this line:

    G92 X158 Y150 Z0 E0

    make the model show up off the platform in the G-Code tab in Repetier. If I set it to:

    G92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0

    It shows up correct. (All the other settings are as you describe). So the question is, will it print what I see on the screen? (My printer is here, but broken and waiting for replacement parts.)

    • Is the line

      in your start code? If you left it out, it would act as described.

      Repetier Mac always assumes that G28 (Home All Axis) will take the nozzle to the lower left corner which is 0,0. The Solidoodle homes to the back right corner.

      G92 X158 Y150 Z0 E0 tells the printer after it has homed to make the current position (back right corner) 158,150,0. This makes the front left corner 0,0 which matches the platform in Repetier.

      The gcode renderer assumed that the nozzle went to the front left and then defined that position as 158,150 which would push 0,0 out into space somewhere. On Windows Repetier the check boxes for “Home is at X max” and “Home is at Y max” fixes the problem by changing that assumption.

      Repetier Mac doesn’t have those boxes. Instead the start gcode uses @isathome which is a command just for Repetier which tells it to pretend the nozzle is at the lower left regardless of what gcode has come before it.

      • Right. 🙂 I saw that (@isathome), but assumed wordpress was just putting something there.. it didn’t look like a command. I blame social networking has which taught us that @blah is not anything useful. It works perfectly when I add it. Thank you.

  3. Oh, and btw, the firmware on hithub now has the correct settings:

    #define X_HOME_POS 159
    #define Y_HOME_POS 150
    #define Z_HOME_POS 0

  4. I feel really stupid even posting this but I have everything working so good expect homing. I cant find this section in my firmware either and I am running what I believe is the most up to date Firmware. Any Suggestions?
    Thanks in advance, and keep up the awesome work!!

    • Did you download the firmware from Github or the Solidoodle site? The homing should be working right in the version from the Github link. What does it do when you try to home?

  5. My print seems to always start at the front left corner even if I have the position in repetier set to the center. Can anyone think of what I might have set wrong? I made this update of seting the x bed width to 159

  6. Those videos are great! One question though.
    How do I get slicer to create a “raft” base like skeinforge does automatically?

    • Slic3r doesn’t do rafts. I guess the thinking is that most people have heated beds or use PLA, and don’t need rafts which is mostly true. However if there is a print that just won’t stick, a raft is a good last resort. Also if you use support material, a raft might be needed to get the support to stick.

      For most things, you can get by without it.

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