Repetier and Skeinforge 50

Repetier Host currently comes with Slic3r 0.9.7 and Skeinforge 50 bundled with it.  Skeinforge 50 is a bit different from Skeinforge 39, which comes in the Solidoodle download.  The main difference is that it calculates flow rates automatically, much like Slic3r.

The settings for this are in the Dimension tab.

Measure the filament in several places with a caliper and enter the average in Filament Diameter.  Filament Packing Density is like Slic3r’s extrusion multiplier, but in reverse.  Higher values mean less flow.  I’ve found that 1.18 gives me accurate thread widths, based on the extruder being set to 109 steps/mm in firmware.  Start here, and find a value that works for you based on the test in Setting the Flow Rate.

Even though the flow rate is now handled by the Dimension tab, the Flow Rate setting remains in the Speed tab.  Set the Flow Rate to the same value you are using in Feed Rate.

Be careful about switching back and forth between Skeinforge 50 in Repetier, and Skeinforge 39 in Pronterface.  Both of them keep the current settings in the same place.  If you have Feed and Flow both set to 50 for Skeinforge 50, they will both still be 50 when you open Skeinforge 39 and you will have to change the flow rate back to its original value.  And in reverse, when you go back to Repetier and Skeinforge 50, if you don’t change the Flow Rate back to 50, you will barely get any extrusion.





4 thoughts on “Repetier and Skeinforge 50

  1. Thanks Ian, as always you are a beacon of inspiration! I have always thought Skeinforge did a better job than Slic3r but quickly get lost w/the settings. Are these the only changes you needed to make to the SF 5.0 install?

  2. The new skeinforge 50 will also work with Pronterface. I recommend backing up your settings before attempting the upgrade. To do this,

    1. Navigate to C:\Users\username (XP C:\Documents and Settings\username). You should see a folder called “.skeinforge” (Linux and Mac: this will be a hidden folder in your home directory)
    2. Create a new folder called .skeinforge39 and copy the contents of the .skeinforge folder into it.

    Next, we’ll upgrade the copy of skeinforge in Pronterface.

    1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Solidoodlev4.3\kliment-Printrun-dceaf26 (regular program files folder for 32-bit machines)
    2. Backup the old version by renaming the skeinforge folder to skeinforge39.
    3. Option 1: Copy the new Skeinforge from Repetier. Open a new window and navigate to C:\Program Files\Repetier-Host. Copy the Skeinforge folder to the location in step 1.
    3. Option 2: Download the new version from the website and unzip it to the skeinforge directory in step 1.
    Linux and Mac: similar procedure, but use the directories you installed it to instead of “Program files\Solidoodlev4.3”

  3. I have the problem with the v 50 of skeinforge, that it doesn’t know the right position to start. It always moves on the – X and -Y axes till if have to close ponterface to prevent damaged motors. What am i doing wrong?

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